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Don’t underestimate the importance of good circulation for your health. Bob Gilpatrick, Certified Holistic Nutritionist, and Ann Harrison, Co-Author of The New Fountain of Youth, You Need it Now!, discuss how poor blood flow and a sluggish Cardiovascular system can cause a myriad of issues for your health. They also explore the benefits of a breakthrough discovery called P.E.M.F. or pulsed electromagnetic fields, that have been shown to dramatically increase microcirculation and overall whole body wellness.

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The Importance Of Circulation For Your Health With Ann Harrison

The New Science Of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields Or P.E.M.F.

This time on the show, Ann Harrison, the co-author of The New Fountain of Youth is here again and will be talking with Bob and answering questions about a new phenomenon for your health called PEMF or Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields and how they can help increase circulation and overall wellness.

Thank you for joining us once again. I am here with Ann Harrison. How are you? Thanks for joining us again.

I’m doing great and it’s my pleasure.

We’re here also with Rollie Culp. He is running all the technology and helping us with everything. Thanks, Rollie. We’re going to talk about blood circulation, blood flow and microcirculation in particular and also something called PEMF, which stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field. This is a phrase or a concept that might not be familiar to some of you, but it’s something that has been around for many decades. It has been getting a lot of popularity and as an expert in this area, she is going to be sharing with us what it is, why it works and why you would want to know about it.

In regards to circulation, people have different fluids that their body is circulating. We are relatively large vertebrates that walk upright. In order to get oxygen and nutrients to our fingers, toes and brains, we have to have a highly functioning circulatory system wherein our blood, all of our nutrients and oxygen is being easily received by our cells so it has enough oxygen and we also have enough nutrients. They say that you could live for 5 or 6 days without water and 30 to 60 days with no food, but without oxygen being circulated to your cells, you could only live for about five minutes. It’s important this whole notion of circulation. Can you tell us about the difference between circulation that most people think of, which is your heart beating and pumping blood through your arteries and microcirculation and how it’s different?

For years and years, everybody thought the heart is what pushed the blood through our whole entire cardiovascular system, our pipeline. They discovered the heart luckily has little helpers because if they took out our cardiovascular system and laid it end to end including the visible capillaries, the larger blood vessels, your veins and your microvessels, it would be about 75,000 miles in length. That would circle the globe about 2.5 times.

About 56,000 of it is the tiny microvessels that are almost invisible, right?

Correct. You have about 2,000 microvessels in each of your eyes. If they took out the microvessel system and laid it on top of a tennis court, 56,000 miles, we’ve covered the entire tennis court. We don’t think about that. Up until relatively recently, everyone assumed medical doctors were taught it was only the heart that could push the blood through the 75,000 miles of pipeline. Think about that, the heart, the size of a fist, how is that going to be able to do that, especially going from your larger macro vessels down to even something smaller. Maybe a number of years back, three Harvard scientists won a Nobel Prize for the discovery that actually led to the invention of Viagra because that’s all blood flow.

The heart has little helpers. In between your visible macrovessels and your nearly invisible microvessels, there are little pumps. When you’re a healthy child, those pumps are going about 3 to 5 times every minute. When you get over age 55 or you might have a sugar situation, instead of 3 to 5 times every minute, it might be 1 to 3 times every ten minutes. That’s why as we get older, we tend to get diseases that we didn’t get like when you were in your twenties. An example is age-related eye diseases. Remember, it was 2,000 microvessels in each of your eyes. What happens maybe in our 40s or maybe 50s, we start needing reading glasses and that’s because we’re not getting our nutrients to our eyes like we did before.

Also, you need detoxification to your eyes as well. What happens is we say, “There is no big deal. I’ll go to the Dollar Tree and I’ll get a pair of readers,” and we still don’t get the nutrients in their eyes. We go and get another stronger pair in a year and then another stronger pair. Our eyes are getting worse and worse. Maybe in our 60s, since we’re still not getting nutrients in their eyes and oxygen and they’re not detoxifying very well, we say, “Let’s get cataract surgery.”

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I would assume that not your eyes, but there are a lot of other things with bad circulation probably.

All those other diseases are pretty much related to blood flow, but I’m trying to paint an example so people can understand. We get cataract surgery, but they say within three years of people getting cataract surgery, they’re still being nutrient-deficient. Forty percent of those people will be diagnosed with either glaucoma or macular degeneration. Maybe once a year, they start getting shots in their eye and then it’s every six months and every month. Eventually, the shots don’t work. The doctor says, “I’ve got to do eye surgery.” They have surgery and maybe another surgery. If you live long enough, the doctor says, “I’m sorry, the surgery is not working anymore. You just have to go blind.”

Circulation, you hardly ever think about it. People might think about it if they’re on high blood pressure medication or taking cholesterol drugs or have a sugar situation. Most people wonder, “How am I getting numbness in my hands, numbness in my feet, tingling in my hands and feet?” It’s because we’re taller. Our hands are far away from our hearts. As we get older, these pumps aren’t pumping as regularly, then we start developing those kinds of problems.

This peripheral neuropathy where people are getting these pains, it’s a catch-22 because the blood supply in the microvessels has to provide blood to the nerves. The nerves in turn are firing in helping to expand the microvessels so the blood can get through. Either a nerve problem can cause a microcirculation problem or vice versa. With people with diabetes, in particular, they tend to get this problem, but also issues with their eyes from poor microcirculation and their kidneys also, which needs a lot of blood flow to it. Heart disease is the number one killer worldwide. Can you tell us a little bit about the research and what you were telling me earlier about the heart and the microcirculation in the heart?

Years ago, I read a book that’s written by a medical doctor, Dr. Cowan. He wrote a book called Human Heart, Cosmic Heart. What he discovered is that only 18% of people that have heart attacks have blockages and their larger main three arteries of the heart. If you think we get blockages in those arteries that are the size of a straw, think how many blockages we must have in those nearly invisible capillaries that if you pluck out one of your hairs divided by ten, that’s about the diameter of a microvessel. He’s saying the key contributor factor to most heart attacks is poor microcirculation of the heart because the heart needs all the nutrients, all the oxygen to continually get to every single cell in the heart.

It’s like the distribution center. If you have one of the small microcirculation vessels that you’re talking about, if you imagine the bigger ones being able to get clogged simply, then those smaller ones are probably even easier. It’s like a bottleneck. It probably gets all completely clogged. There are no nutrients and oxygen going through.

I’m going to give people the name of this book. After I do, if you could talk to that point that Rollie was talking about where the microvessels are getting damaged, similar to what goes on with the larger arteries in your heart. This book she’s referring to is called Human Heart, Cosmic Heart: A Doctor’s Quest to Understand, Treat and Prevent Cardiovascular Disease. It’s Thomas Cowan.

Rollie, every single cell in your body needs pretty much only two things to remain happy and healthy, a rich supply of oxygen and supply nutrients. Why do they need oxygen and nutrients for every single cell? It’s because you have to generate the energy to keep yourself healthy. That energy is created in what we learned in biology when we were in high school, the mitochondria. The mitochondria take the nutrients and the oxygen and they combine it to make the cellular energy to keep the cell functioning well. If it has enough energy, it can perform its estimated 2,000 cellular functions is second. One of the most important for cellular functions is pushing out the toxins. Of course, the heart is going to require so much energy. It’s the hardest working organ in your human body. It’s pumping thousands of times a day. It needs to continually create energy.

There are a lot of people checking it out. One of the things that a lot of people were asking, and this one comes from Ted. What is something that Ted can do on a day-to-day basis, something simple that you can improve the circulation since it sounds so important? He put here, “Since it seems like this is such a big deal, what’s something I can do every day to help improve it?” Maybe that’s something you could talk about.

I’ll talk about the nutrition part in that if you want to address the exercise research that we were talking about. Ted, in regards to the nutrition aspect, there are many different things that people need in order to increase their circulation. One of them is arginine and also citrulline. It recharges the arginine, and the arginine is helping those little capillaries, the microvessels to expand. Another is phosphatidylcholine, which is a compound that helps keep your cell walls very flexible and capable of allowing things in and out. It’s good to have great microcirculation and get the blood all the way there to the cell, but then it also has to be able to get into the cell.

LFY 5 | Importance Of Circulation

The New Fountain of Youth, You Need it Now!

In our product, the Boomer Boost, you have both arginine and phosphatidylcholine, but also in regards to the cellular energy that Ann was referring to, the creation of cellular energy. You also need vitamin B1, B3, B5, B6, coenzyme Q10 and these are the substrates that help the Krebs cycle that creates energy go. All of those nutrients are in the Boomer Boost product as well. Did you want to tell us about that exercise issue and the percentages you were telling me about? We all know people that exercise a lot tend to seem to be healthier. With exercise, you’re getting way more oxygen. I read that if you exercise for 30 minutes aerobically, you’re going to increase your circulation by about 8%. That’s pretty phenomenal. When we’re talking about athletes, you might’ve heard some of them dropping dead of a heart attack right on the spot. What we have to remember is a lot of times these athletes are sweating out many of their own minerals and vitamins. You have to continually supply your body with more nutrients, like Boomer Boost, but then the circulation, especially to the microcirculation, can get all those nutrients to your heart to keep it healthy.

You’ve got to have circulation to get the nutrients there. If that’s compromised, you can eat all the nutrients, but it might not ever get there.

We talked earlier about this concept of PEMF, Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields. We now know that the use of technology that’s emitting pulsed electromagnetic fields has a dramatic ability to increase circulation. Can you tell us a little bit about that? When it was that these devices became available and how they improved over the years to the point where they’re amazing right now?

About 60 or 70 years ago, they discovered PEMF and they created a technology using pulsed electronic magnetic fields to direct to our body. Nicely enough, they are available for home use. In addition, certain ones are available in hospitals if they’ve been proven effective through clinical trials. In this country, the FDA classifies PEMF devices with different classifications. Class one means it’s safe. Even a Band-Aid is deemed safe when cleared as a class one medical device. It’s safe. If you can show through human clinical trials that it can do what you claim it can do that’s called safe and effective. There’s one PEMF device that has eighteen years of clinical trials backing it to prove it’s safe and effective.

A lot of PEMF devices are out in the market. They can increase your circulation between 5% and 10% with a residual effect of 3 to 4 hours. We happened upon and learned about it from one of our customers have a phenomenal device that has eighteen years of clinical trial backing that has been optimized through all that research to make it better and better and more effective. With it, in eight minutes, we can get up to 30% increase in microcirculation with a residual of 12 to 16 hours. This particular device, we can get it in our home. We teach people how to get it on a credit card for $50 a month or about, but it’s so phenomenal. This particular device is used in 4,000 medical clinics and hospitals around the world. Very famous athletes have it. Quarterbacks have it. People that are winning all these tennis matches that are 40 years and up because it doesn’t matter what your age, whether you’re 90 or whether you’re 30, this is going to help your blood flow significantly.

Isn’t it true, Ann, that now they have these devices, they’re like a little power supply like the size of a toaster maybe? It has attachments that plug into the power supply and you put those attachments on certain parts on your body that help increase the blood flow. They’re very easy to use. There are a few buttons that you have to push to activate them. They’re easy. Here’s something else I wanted to ask you about because it seems also that this PEMF is also helping with cellular energy. It turns out that healthy cells have a certain resonance that’s measurable and diseased cells have lower and cancer cells even lower. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

People and animals are existing on Earth because of the pulsed electronic magnetic field that comes out of the Earth. What these devices are doing is trying to mimic the same frequency of the Earth. When we get the pulsed electronic magnetic field from the Earth, or from these devices, it can charge up ourselves to get a nice magnetic charge on them. When you have the nice magnetic charge around the cell, then the cells can repel themselves. Let’s say you have red blood cells, unfortunately, computers and cell phone signals, they make our red blood cells clump and stick together. In order for cells to get through these microvessels, they have to be in single line alignment to get into those.

It’s like a line. You came through a door with everybody bunched together so they get in line.

The PEMF creates a charge that separates them so they can all go in one at a time. These devices also help your cells to resonate at this higher frequency, right up towards that 50 millivolts that keeps them healthy as opposed to dropping lower.

A key reason that people get strokes like heart attacks is not having good blood flow. Share on X

You need a magnetic charge. They’ve measured the millivolts of these cells. They find out that a healthy cell resonates at about they say negative 55 millivolts in a disease. Let’s say you might have inflammation in your knee. That might be only resonating at 30 millivolts. Let’s say your cells start powering down, then they get so sick. They’re deemed maybe as cancer cells and they’re only 15 millivolts. The higher millivoltage of your cell, the healthier you will be. Unfortunately, the magnetic field of the Earth is waning. The poles eventually are going to try to shift themselves. North will become South, South will become North. Even the magnetic fields coming out of the Earth is diminishing. We have all these bad signals, computer Wi-Fi signals making our blood clump and stick together. This is why children now are getting diseases that maybe twenty years ago they didn’t get. Now, blood is clumping and sticking together, their nutrients can’t get everywhere where they need to go. Their cells become diseased and then they start getting diseases.

If a family had one of these PEMF devices, the adults could use it themselves to improve their circulation as they age, which naturally drops off. Also, for children who are spending lots of time in front of computers and on their cell phones and gaming and like that.

Also, even pets because they’re getting subjected to these bad signals as and the waning Earth’s magnetic field.

If somebody wants to talk to you about these PEMF devices, they can call you at (727) 443-2500. That’s it. You can talk directly to Ann who is an expert in PEMF. Ann, how many days have you spent at conferences and seminars studying PEMF? Can you populate it?

I’ve gone to Europe for a five-day training. I’ve gone to multiple two-day academies in this country and many more seminars. I’ve had this one particular PEMF device for years. We have about 200 people that we’ve introduced the technology to here at Boomers.

It’s fair to say you’ve spent 100 full days at conferences and seminars studying so that when people call that number to get in touch with you, they’re going to be talking to someone who’s been through all the education that’s necessary to give people the information they need.

The device that can increase the circulation to this degree that’s in all the hospitals. Of course, this is a hospital piece of equipment, so people need the right training. This is easy to use, but you have to be trained in order to get the benefit out of it.

If somebody calls and talks to you and they get their device, you’re available to help them afterwards to make sure they’re using it properly.

Seven days a week, yes. They will have here my cell phone number and they’ll have my number for years to come as long as I’m going to be on this Earth because this is my passion. This is what I’m here for, to educate people about this.

When somebody gets one of these devices and their circulation starts to improve, what are some of the things they’re going to see or feel? What are they going to notice when they start using the device? I guess it depends on what their condition is ahead of time but in general, are there things you would be able to say this is what you’re going to notice?

LFY 5 | Importance Of Circulation

Human Heart, Cosmic Heart: A Doctor’s Quest to Understand, Treat, and Prevent Cardiovascular Disease

Eventually, whether it’s in a couple of days or in a couple of weeks, they’re going to feel so much more energy. On the eighth day of me having it in our home, I got the spring back in my step. The kind that twenty-year-olds you might see walking down the street with that nice bouncy step. I used to try to imitate them and I’d take five steps and say, “That’s way too much work for me. Forget it.” Now for the past few years, I’ve had that spring in my step. Even an 83-year-old fellow told me after he had it for a couple of weeks. He called me when I was pulling out of here at night. He said, “Ann, I’m on my one-mile walk. All of a sudden, I feel like I have springs in my legs.” It doesn’t matter the age.

Isn’t it true that there’s something about how fast you can walk and what your real age is versus your chronological age?

Yes. Unfortunately, all of us probably know some people as they age that are walking slow. That’s telling us that their body is powering down. There was a study. It had 2,500 people in it over 2 to 5 years and they call it the GAIT Study. It’s posted on the National Institute of Health. Gait, that’s the speed of your walk. They found out that the slower person walks, the lower their predicted lifespan. They traced them. People like that are going to be more prone to have strokes, for example, because they don’t have good blood flow. That’s a key reason that people get strokes like heart attacks.

As someone uses their new PEMF device and has the right nutrients and they’re exercising, so they’re bringing in more oxygen, now they’re going to have more oxygen, more nutrients, better circulation, more energy, and even likely will extend their lifespan. Ann, I wanted to thank you for coming back on again. We appreciate it when you come on because of your knowledge in these different areas and sharing it with all of the readers. Thank you very much. Rollie, thank you once again for doing everything and participating. Thank you for reading and we’ll see you on the next one.