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Stem cells are our bodies’ built-in first aid kit, and there is no more time that we need it than now. Ann Harrison, co-author of the book, The New Fountain of Youth You Need It Now, stops by this episode to share some great information about how to rev up your stem cell health with Bob Gilpatrick and Rollie. They also answer a great question from one of the listeners about improving mood, plus spills a tiny new habit and an emotional freedom tapping technique. Tune into this insightful conversation to learn how to fight the threats we face with our health, now more than ever.

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Rev Up Your Adult Stem Cell Power

How To Increase Stem Cell Creation

We will be speaking with Ann Harrison, co-author of The New Fountain of Youth. You Need It Now! about how to rev up your stem cell power. We will also be taking a question and sharing a brand-new tiny habit and emotional freedom tapping technique with you. Sit back, relax, and get ready to live forever young.

I’m here with Rollie, our ace engineer and participant in the show. We have a friend, Ann Harrison. We’ve known Ann for years.

She’s a great person. She’s extremely knowledgeable and we decided that she’s got to come on the show and let us know what she knows.

Ann is the author of a book called The New Fountain of Youth. You Need It Now! It has a subtitle. What’s the other title for your book as well?

I also have called it Rev Up Your Adult Stem Cell Power. You Need it Now!

Revving up your adult stem cell power is the topic of this episode. How long did it take you to write this book?

It took me one year of research.

You wrote it after that. What was it that made you decide that you wanted to write a book about adult stem cells?

After I researched that topic, spending hundreds of hours during the year, researching everything I could get my hands on, whether it was going to the library, picking up every book on that topic or going to the bookstore. Also, combing the internet for every clinical trial I could find, calling medical doctors in Costa Rica about stem cell therapy.

You’re turning over rocks and looking for anything anywhere you can related to stem cells.

After I read all that and processed it, I said, “The whole world needs to know about stem cells. Why don’t we write a book and get the word out?

Do you have a co-author?

Yes, Dr. Victor Neugebauer, retired MD.

He helped you to write this book, giving additional research and knowledge, and then you guys wrote this together?

Yes, especially his testimonials that we put in there because he had phenomenal results with what we can talk about, and together we wanted to share this information with others.

This information is in this book. If people are to read your book, first off, how do they get this book? Do they get this from Amazon?

Yes. If you go there, it’s only $9.95, but don’t get taken advantage of by the mercenaries who are grabbing up the book and selling it for $49.95. Look for it for $9.95.

As people are reading this book, what can they expect to learn from reading your book?

They can learn how they can optimize their stem cells. We have this built and repair kit I called the real fountain of youth. These stem cells come out of your bone marrow every day since the day you were born and wherever they go in blood circulation, if they go into your heart, they become a heart cell. If they go into your brain, they become a brain cell and liver cell. Their role is to renew, repair, and regenerate.

Even just walking across the rooms is going to increase separation out of your own bone marrow. Share on X

They’re like Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, they can transform into anything?

Yes. Some as like the skeleton key. They can turn and become anything. I also call them smart cells because they know where they’re going in order of importance. First of all, they try to fix the life-threatening situation. Let’s say you might be walking around with a bad hip and you want them to fix that first, but your stem cells are smart. They’re going to say, “I’m going to fix your heart or liver first because what’s good fixing a hip if you’re dead?” First, they’re going to your heart and then they go to the liver and kidneys.

Order of importance.

That’s why I call the smart cells.

This came out and then you were sharing with me. It’s a research in the middle part of 2020 during the COVID pandemic. This research article, the title of it is 3 Miami COVID-19 Patients Successfully Treated with Promising Stem Cell Therapy. It says, “A team of South Florida doctors has successfully treated three critically-ill COVID-19 patients with an experimental stem cell treatment for the first time, signaling a potential path to recovery for patients experiencing acute respiratory failure.” This was done at Baptist Health South Florida and they stress that this treatment has not come out to a clinical trial. It’s an intravenous treatment. It’s a game-changer and paved the way for an effective treatment for the patients in intensive care.

They say that, “We’ve been focused on this so our cells on the immune system are treated because the immune system is key to our health.” Rafael Gonzalez, the Senior Vice President of Research and Development says, “It helps us help our body return to homeostasis and achieve a healthy state of balance. Your body can overreact and get out of balance.” They are saying this stem cell treatment helps with cytokine storm. With COVID, people are getting a storm of cytokine, inflammatory compounds in their lungs, which inflames the lungs and eventually inflames the rest of their body. It seems that the treatment is helping quiet the storm and boost people’s immune systems so they can fight off the COVID infection. This has been done with critically ill patients. These are people that may likely die.

With what you know about stem cells, what do you think is happening? What do you think is going on once they get those in their body?

The stem cells can turn and become any kind of cells including white blood cells. Bob can talk about that.

They’re part of the immune system. If you are getting an injection of new adult stem cells, they’re going to morph into what you need. In this case, cells of the immune system, and then in many cases, are anti-inflammatory. Some cells in your immune system are inflammatory or anti-inflammatory. In this case, what you need as hierarchy needs are anti-inflammatory immune cells.

It does the most emergent thing first. It gives you the most things you need the most and in this case, it must have made more of whatever the COVID needed.

Yes. Some of them are getting into your lung cells.

I’ve got a good question from George. He said, “Is there any way that enhancing stem cells or stem cell proliferation can improve my mood?” Probably like a lot of us, he’s got the blues. I don’t know if that’s something they could help with. Talk about that from George and see what we’ve got.

By the way, you asked why I wrote the book, I want to tell the world but why would anyone learn about the stem cells to begin with? Way back years ago when Obama was in power, everyone was talking about embryonic stem cells. People were like, “I’m afraid of embryonic stem cells.” What started happening was people started talking about adult stem cells and they’re a lot different. When you’re in your mother’s womb, your body is making embryonic stem cells. The day you got out of your mother’s womb, you start making adult stem cells from day one. When we’re young, that’s what we use to grow our body because they become any cell in the body. At about age twenty, what happens is do you want to keep growing like a colossal giant?

Leading to that, what happens is at age twenty, your bone marrow stops pushing much out. You didn’t need to grow. The older we are, the fewer that come out. I learned about this whole topic because I was doing some internet research on a website where they had a stem cell enhancing product. I called the lady up. She said, “We have great success on this more so than the other products that we’re selling on our website.” I got a bottle because I like to try new things for my health. Within three days, I thought, “My mental clarity has improved.” I was 59 then sometimes getting brain fog. I didn’t like that. That’s important to me. That ties into that question. Making brain cells to get better mental clarity.

One of the main things you got from this stem cell enhancing product was clarity in your mental field and this is what George was looking at.

He’s looking at something to do with the brain.

In regard to your mood, usually at this time in 2020, sometimes as the sun comes lower in the sky, it gets filtered through a wider swatch of the atmosphere and people can get what’s called Seasonal Affective Disorder. It’s the winter blues. When you look at what happens in a person’s brain in regard to mood, a lot of it is related to serotonin, which is the happiness neurotransmitter. That serotonin is produced in a cell in your brain. There’s these little BBs of serotonin stored in a little chamber. These BBs get shot across to a target cell, which is a receptor cell. It floats across on this synapse and hopefully arrives at the receptor.

There’s a chemistry that happens inside the receptor, which is dictating your mood, your ability to feel happy. Sometimes, people don’t have enough of these receptor cells. If you use a stem enhancement product like the one we give our Boomer customers, you can have what’s called a genesis, which means you’re going to create new brain cells. In this case, if that’s what you need, you’ll create more receptors so you’ll have better neurotransmission or neurochemistry. That’s why people’s mood gets enhanced when they use stem enhancers and in your case, what you need is more mental clarity. You end up with a better neurotransmission balance in your case of serotonin.

When that case, with the synapses and receptors, isn’t it like a game of musical chairs where you’ve got many chairs and there are many more things that need to be absorbed? By creating more of one or the other, it helps balance what you’re talking about, so they have enough players and they all have a chair if they’re playing.

LFY 3 | Stem Cell

Yeah, they all have a spot to land. In your case, you have more balance of neurotransmitters that were enhanced that creates mental clarity because it’s not just your serotonin. You need more cAMP, norepinephrine, and dopamine. You’re creating more generalized neurogenesis in that regard. One of the things we should talk about is exercise because I know you talked about the importance of exercise. Tell us a little a bit about what happened with people’s stem cells in regard to exercise.

When I was researching for the book, one of the doctors said even walking across the rooms is going to create more stem cell proliferation out of your bone marrow. Of course, the more we exercise, I mentioned they did a study with a mouse on a treadmill and they monitored the stem cell proliferation. That’s to prove that exercise is great for getting more stem cells out of your bone marrow and that’s getting them for free. Instead of getting expensive IVs or taking nutritional capsules, which hardly don’t cost much, but still who wouldn’t want free stem cell proliferation?

Get active, get more activity to produce more stem cells. Going back to the seasonal effect, plus the fact that people have been stuck in their house for so long, they’re not used to moving. They’re out of the habit.

They say sitting is the new smoking. People are sitting at their computers, in front of the TV, less and less active. Now we’re starting to see negative aspects to their health. A lot of it is they’re not moving around so they’re not generating as many stem cells.

Let’s say exercising creates more stem cells. Some of those stem cells can even help to rebuild your pancreas. I heard you say that they’re linking what they call Type 3 diabetes for the brain. You can comment about that.

One of our famous TV doctors is referring to dementia, Alzheimer’s, vascular dementia. He’s referring to it as Type 3 diabetes. Anytime that the people are sitting too much and they’re not generating enough stem cells, what’s occurring is this. Our bodies have 100 trillion cells and they don’t last forever. After a certain number of years, it’s time to die off, get out of the way, and make room for a brand-new cell that is coming from an adult stem cell. As people get older, you’re producing less adult stem cells. You also have a phenomenon that occurs where some of the cells that are supposed to be signaled to, “It’s time to go out of the way and die off,” are not receiving the signal, so they’re becoming old and they’re producing inflammatory cytokines. It not only affects that cell, but it also infects the surrounding cells.

Another aspect to helping your body regenerate, which is it stimulates those cells to get out of the way. There’s another combination of products if you could get resveratrol and quercetin together, which you get a single product that will help signal those old cells, “It’s time to move on and get out of the way,” and then your adult stem cells. If you have a stem enhancer and you have more exercise, you can then replace all of those cells and have an anti-aging effect. It’s easier said than done for people to get exercise. Let’s talk a little about how is it that we can stimulate ourselves to get up out of our chair and sitting at our computer all day. Some people sit for hours at their computer without getting up. The research is showing that you should get up about every twenty minutes from your chair and spend about 1 to 2 minutes moving. Ideally, they say you should move outside to get into the sunlight and focus on things that are green. Look at things that are green.

Why do they say green, Bob?

Green is a color that when you can focus on it for more than a fleeting second, changes your effect, mood and makes you feel better. Here’s what you would want to be able to do. If you’re working at a job where you’re sitting, you’re going to sit for twenty minutes, do your work and come to a stopping point. Let’s say you have a project and working on and it’s going to take two hours. You want to break it into six parts. After the first twenty minutes, you say, “I’ve got this section done,” and make a gesture that says, “I’m done.” This is valuable to create some closure and some sense of accomplishment in your brain.

You get up from your chair and if you have your ability to walk outside, leave, walk outside, and get into the sunlight, which is important because your body needs to know that it’s daytime. If you don’t get out to the sunlight, it won’t know it’s daytime. It will throw out your biorhythms, and you’ll have a hard time sleeping at night. Getting out to the sun to help you sleep. You go out for 1 or 2 minutes, do some extra exercise and walk quickly. While you’re walking, focus on some things that are green. Come back to the office. As you sit down, give yourself congratulations, “Done. I got up, I did my exercise, I focus on green, and now I can go back to my next twenty minutes.” The research shows that if you would do it this way, your project will get done much faster, you’ll get it much more accurately and effectively. If you sit 1 or 2 hours working on a project, you get to the end, it’s not going to be done well.

We need to create this habit. How do you create the habit? Habits are created in many ways. In this case, here’s an easy way. It’s called ABC. A is an Anchoring event. What’s an anchoring event? It’s something that occurs regularly. Working for twenty minutes occurs regularly. Set an alarm on your computer or an alarm next to your side for twenty minutes and the anchoring event is going to be that alarm. B is the new Behavior. The new behavior is to announce it’s done, go out and walk, be in the sunlight, and focus on green. Come back in and do C. What’s C? Congratulations or Celebration. You’re going to celebrate by congratulating yourself. “I did it. Great. Now all these great things have happened to me. I made more stem cells, my mood is better, I’m going to be more productive. ABC.” Anchoring event, new Behavior, Celebration. That’s the behavioral psychology change.

Not only has it changed, but it’s almost the method of coping with that. I’m thinking about my daughter who’s been working from home for school. She was in her room for 4 to 6 hours. She doesn’t have her lunch until 1:00 in the afternoon. She’s sitting down at her computer from 8:45 and doesn’t have an actual real breakdown until 1:00. Even though they tell her not to get up, I do encourage her every now and then to take a stretch. At least get up and ride around and grab something to drink. There are times when she has physical education where she gets to go outside and look at the green stuff, do some cartwheels and whatever they assign. Thinking about what you’re saying, it’s important because I think when you’re at home stuck, especially a kid, you can’t even run. If the kids can do it, then adults can too. It’s important to get out of that.

Regarding kids working at home, good exercise and it’s an educational thing for kids. Help them identify the south window. Identify the east, south and west windows in your house. The sun across the sky from east to west. It’s high in the sky when it’s in the South. If you’ve got a window here and there. We’re going to school, it’s 8:30. In ten minutes, we’re going to stand up. We’re going to face the east window in the morning because the sunlight is going to come through. We’re going to focus on something green, something outside preferably, outside the window or inside. Look at a green wall, a green picture, whatever it is. Get the child into this habit. Sit down, focus on things, twenty minutes later, you get back up. As the day goes by, focus on a different window. You’re teaching a child about how the sun moves across the sky. You can get a child in these habits right away. Rollie, one other thing. This is a habit that people can try to get into, but it’s also a little bit easier said than done.

It takes 21 days but we have a shortcut to that. Remember what we’re talking about is getting up, moving around for your overall health to produce more stem cells. As you do this and if you find that it’s not working, you’re missing the twenty minutes. You can’t get into the habit of it, you can use the technique that we called the tapping or the emotional freedom technique. You’ll be able to see in the future a whole separate video on the emotional freedom technique. For now, the emotional freedom technique is tapping your fingertips. For those reading, you’re tapping the side of your nails. Take the middle finger of your right hand and tap on your left thumbnail on the side of the nail about five times and then move on to the index finger. Tap on each finger about five times.

In the end, tap a karate chop point. That’s good too and get into this rhythm of tapping. You’re going to use a phrase that is going to help you to get over the issue of sitting too much. You can say something like this, “Even though up until now, I thought I had to continue with this bad habit of sitting all the time and never getting up to go outside and get some sunlight and focus on green, I completely accept myself. I’m grateful now that I realize this habit is easy to get into. I have the alarms set. I’m enthusiastic about doing this. I know how great it’s going to be for my health and I’m feeling at complete peace about the whole thing.” Hands across your heart and take a deep breath into your nose, let your breath out.

Put your hands facing up on your knees and drop your chin down to your chest. Sit quietly for about ten seconds and feel how peaceful you feel. It’s an important part of the emotional freedom technique because of that feeling of peace with dropping your head down to your chin down. This is where Ann meets Ann. Your head to your heart. Rollie meets Rollie. You created a connection between your heart, which has its own neurons, and your heart has its own brain cells. It’s communicating from your heart muscle to your amygdala and it’s creating a peace sensation, which is now paired with the phrase, “Even though up until now I thought I had to continue to sit, I love and I accept myself and I’m grateful I’m doing this. I’m feeling peaceful about it.”

You’ve now anchored peace to your new affirmation to your new you. This is an additional, highly-effective technique for installing your new habits. It’s important because people do get sick and debilitated from sitting around too much. This is a cute new thing to get up and down and happy. It’s an essential part of your overall health and an essential part of being able to generate more stem cells for your rebuilding, regeneration, rejuvenation, and to live a long, healthy life. This is what our guest Ann Harrison has brought to us. This is a way that can add one more thing for living forever young. Ann, do you have any last words you’d like to say before we sign off? We’d like to thank you for being our guest firstly.

Thank you. Stem cells are the be-all and end-all for many reasons, but of course, we need to nutrify them well with products like Boomer Boost and the barley, etc. Vitamin D3 is important, Omega-3, probiotics.

Ann, here’s what we’ll do. Now that you mentioned this, Rollie triggered me. We should do another show that says, “You’ve created this brand-new stem cell, but it can’t run without the right fuel.” Let’s talk about how we feed our stem cells to do what it’s supposed to do.

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That’s what we’re going to do, mark it on the calendar. The next show we have with you, Ann, we’ll figure out what fuel you need to recharge and refuel your stem cells.

One of the other things, when we didn’t get the chance to get to the EMPs with stem cells, is what we referred to as PEMF. That’s Pulse Electromagnetic Fields. We know that these fields are coming from the core of the earth and they’re helping to increase your circulation because the stem cells have to be circulated. In another show, we can talk about PEMF and the new inventions, the new devices, these pulse electromagnetic field devices that mimic the core of the earth’s pulses that help us with better circulation. It also stimulates you to make more stem cells working. That will be another topic for a new show.

You better mark your calendar. We’re going to have you a whole bunch back, Ms. Ann.

That sounds fun.

Thank you for coming.



About Ann Harrison

LFY 3 | Stem Cell

Ann M. Harrison, is the co-author of the book, “REV UP YOUR ADULT STEM CELL POWER – YOU NEED IT NOW!,” also published as “THE NEW FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH – YOU NEED IT NOW!”

With Ann being aware that 21st Century Science recently uncovered one of the greatest scientific discoveries of all time, coupled with her background in Employee Wellness, she has been keeping abreast of the latest scientific information available on Adult Stem Cells. Believing that Adult Stem Cells are on track to change the course of history for all mankind, she has a strong desire to educate others around the world about the new science of Adult Stem Cells.

Ann has a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Human Resources with 20+ years Pharmaceutical/ Nutritional industry experience. While working in Human Resources, at the Director level, she was responsible for providing employee services to 700+ employees, including Employee Wellness Programs. For over fifteen years, Ann has been researching the subjects of complementary and alternative wellness. She has spoken to audiences of up to 300 people (professionals, medical doctors, and laymen) in various locations throughout the United States, relaying information about enhancing cellular health using natural nutrients. In the book she co-authored with Victor Neugebauer, MD, RET., she explains in an easy-to-understand format that Adult Stem Cells play a key role in anti-aging and facilitating optimal wellness. She shares that she previously had 40% gray hair, and now she no longer has gray hair, because after learning how to “tap into” and “rev up” the “New Fountain of Youth” – her bone marrow Adult Stem Cell System – her hair naturally reverted to its original color. Welcome to the Adult Stem Cell Age!