LFY 45 | Resverantrol Antioxidant


Resveratrol is an amazing antioxidant, whose potential is just starting to be understood. In the second episode of the Exploring Herbalism Series, Bob Gilpatrick and Rollie Culp take an in-depth look at resveratrol and the many benefits it has to offer. Listen in as they identify some of the different plants that resveratrol can be found in and discuss some of the recent studies proving the potential of this amazing antioxidant. Learn how new technologies in herbalism help combine resveratrol with other plant compounds to maximize their benefits and help you Live Forever Young!

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Resveratrol, An Amazing Antioxidant!

Episode 2 In Our Series Exploring Herbalism

Thanks for reading Live Forever Young Radio. Resveratrol is an amazing antioxidant whose potential is starting to be understood. In our second episode, in our exploring herbalism series, we will be taking an in-depth look at resveratrol and the many benefits it has to offer. Bob and Rollie identify some of the different plants that resveratrol can be found in naturally and discuss some of the recent studies proving the potential of this amazing antioxidant. Learn how new technologies and herbalism help combine resveratrol with other plant compounds to maximize their benefits and help you live forever young.

Welcome to Live Forever Young Radio. I’m Bob. I’m here with Rollie. Rollie, how are you doing?

I’m good, Bob. As usual, I am getting ready for the weekend.

It’s not going to be in the ‘80s. Usually, it’s in the ‘80s in November but we’re going to be in the ‘70s.

We’re almost going to get rain, which is very abnormal for Florida in November.

Rollie, we’re on program number two of our series on herbalism.

We were exploring herbalism. We decided we wanted to do a series because there’s much stuff to go over. In this one, we’re going to start by going through some individual ones. One of the most amazing antioxidants that I know of and I figured we should start with is resveratrol.

Resveratrol is what’s called a bioactive compound or, in this case, a phytochemical because it’s from a plant. It’s a chemical from a plant. The reason it’s considered part of herbalism is that it comes from a plant so you can get it from grapes and other things. The active ingredient or the phytochemicals can be extracted. You can get the benefit of having more of it without having to eat piles of Japanese knotweed, cranberries or blueberries.

We were talking about in the first episode of this series is the history of herbalism. Modern-day technology has given us new techniques that allow us to extract these things like a lot of the plants that you find good amounts of was resveratrol and there are things like grapes, cranberries, mulberries, blueberries, Japanese knotweed and another good source. That’s where we get ours in our resveratrol advanced blend product. We get it from the Japanese knotweed.

Resveratrol is in a class of these bioactive compounds. It’s called polyphenols. Resveratrol is a polyphenol and we know from a lot of research going back years now, there are a lot of different things that resveratrol does. It helps with many different parts of our bodies and many systems over our bodies.

LFY 45 | Resverantrol Antioxidant

Resveratrol Antioxidant: Resveratrol is a bioactive compound or a phytochemical, because it’s from a plant. It helps with many different parts and systems of your body.


Resveratrol itself has been talked a lot about. There’s a lot of benefits that people didn’t know about up until now. Those things are things that a lot of people have health issues with, like heart health and inflammation, things like that. The fact that this simple grape can help with those things is something a lot of people couldn’t understand.

The impetus that led to the discovery of resveratrol was this whole thing they call the French paradox. People from France tend to eat a diet that is high in fat and a diet that people might associate with a population of people that wouldn’t be in very good shape. The people from France seemed to be unusually healthy for the type of food they were eating. They were suspecting there was something in their red wine, which they drink with their meals, that was helping. That’s what led to the discovery of resveratrol.

The scientists are sitting around going, “These people eat nothing but like crepes, cheese and butter but they’re healthy. What’s going on? What else do they eat?” Wine. That’s about every meal. They’re drinking red wine.

It turns out that resveratrol is in there. We now know that resveratrol stimulates genes. When you take a pill that has resveratrol, it gets into the cells of your body. It’s finding your DNA and it’s pinging the outside sheath on the DNA in certain spots and unwrapping it for genetic expression. This is why resveratrol can help with so many different things because it’s pinging more than one gene. Each time it unwraps a specific gene something new occurs. It stimulates a metabolic pathway.

That’s why you see that it helps with your immune health, also your cardio health and your cellular health at the mitochondria level. Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. It’s making energy. Those mitochondria are most highly concentrated in your heart muscle cells. We know that resveratrol is acting as an antioxidant. It’s blocking inflammation. Part of the reason is that when resveratrol is created in a plant, in response to danger and a mold. In the case of grapes, it’s usually a mold or changes in the weather.

Something invasive and disruptive.

It creates resveratrol, which acts as a repellent so when you take resveratrol into a human, it acts as an antioxidant. There’s a lot of oxidation going on in the mitochondria especially if you have high iron. There’s a tremendous amount of oxidation going on so the resveratrol is helping to negate that into antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

Resveratrol helps with so many different things because it stimulates more than one gene. Share on X

By reducing the inflammation and helping with the oxidation, it helps with cellular health on the mitochondrial level, which is the start of all human life.

That’s where the energy of human life is being created on a molecular level.

The healthier you can make that, the better you’re going to feel. Another thing that I was reading about and I thought was quite interesting is very good for reducing neurotoxicity. A lot of people who have memory issues or are starting to experience things where they’re having problems with their memory were using resveratrol. It seemed to help reduce that toxicity in that area.

It neutralizes the peptides that make this amyloid plaque that’s present in Alzheimer’s disease. We know that there’s a genetic and metabolic pathway with resveratrol that interrupts the formation of that plaque.

Another thing I heard that you told me right before this is how it helps to neutralize LDL cholesterol and oxidation as well.

LDL cholesterol, low-density lipoproteins is generally what people consider bad cholesterol that clogs your arteries and leads to a heart attack but some LDL is good and some LDL is not good. When LDL gets oxidized, that’s when it becomes sticky, problematic and inflammatory but resveratrol now knows blocks that oxidation. The good LDL remains good LDL. It doesn’t morph into a toxic LDL.

That sticky like glycation. As we talked about, when the sugar gets glycated, it gets sticky. Something similar like that happens with the LDL. That’s what makes it stick to the artery.

It sticks to the inside of the arteries and creates inflammation. The other thing that’s important is resveratrol facilitates the repair of your DNA. DNA is constantly being assaulted by free radicals. You get cuts in the DNA so now they have to be repaired so they can function properly. The way they repair it is because the genes are impaired. If you get a cut in one of the one sides of the gene, you will have RNA that will make a copy of the still intact gene and come over and with that blueprint, they’ll make a repair to the DNA.

LFY 45 | Resverantrol Antioxidant

Resveratrol Antioxidant: The French paradox is that people from France eat a high fat diet. But most of them are in good shape. So there’s got to be something in their red wine that was helping. That’s what led to the discovery of resveratrol.


It’s happening many, millions of times a second. This is happening in your body. Without your ability to make DNA repair, you would live for a few years. You’re constantly using a tremendous amount of energy to repair your DNA. Resveratrol facilitates that and probably also facilitates this damage to your DNA. It’s making it less because it’s happening from free radicals to a certain extent.

That part alone makes resveratrol a valuable polyphenol for us to be able to take in. We make it into a pill form so you can get it concentrated. We also know that if you combine it together with other things is even better. This is a big phenomenon in the world of herbalism. Here’s this one polyphenol but what happens if we combine it together with this and this? Now we have a blend or a stack that people can take by mouth that will have multiple beneficial effects.

It’s almost like 1-on-1 sometimes equals 2 but in this case, 1 plus 1 can equal 6 or 12. The benefits stack up because of what’s in there but because a lot of the compounds work in synergy, you can get more beneficial health effects by stacking these things. When we were looking for a good resveratrol supplement, we realized that one way to get the most potential out of these things is by getting them in a blend. One of the things that we wanted to make sure that it was very trial was blended with is grape seed extract. When you combine those two things specifically, a lot of good stuff happens. We’ve talked about this on other shows, a cellular health show we did, where you trigger apoptosis, which is the death of old and inefficient cells. You’ve got a bunch of old cells. They should have died a long time ago. Normally, cells die at a certain time but a lot of them don’t like to leave. They are still there.

They create inflammation in secrete, inflammatory cytokines, which makes the whole region now damaged. It’s good to have something that will trigger that cell to die off and stop infecting the area. It’ll get replaced by a new adult stem cell that will come to morph into that type of cell and replace it. The combination of the quercetin, which is in the grape seed, with the resveratrol, which is in grape skin, when you mix those two together, have the effect of stimulating and signaling these old sentencing cells to die off and get out of the way. In this aspect of aging, there are anti-aging scientists that believe that these old cells that won’t get out of the way are the biggest issue in aging.

I was about to say I would think that not having room for new cells to take over would probably be a big issue with trying to stay healthy. Whether it’s aging or not, that makes sense. If you don’t get these things out of the way to bring in the new ones, you’re going to have a problem.

One plus one equals two, but with resvertrol, it can equal six or twelve because the benefits it offers stack up. Share on X

You’re going to die younger, for certain.

We don’t want to do that.

We also have green tea extract. That’s also in a spiritual blend, which also is an additional compound that helps to fight free radicals. Sometimes, people say when they take resveratrol that they lose weight. They’re not quite sure of the mechanism but if you also add green tea extract, which also helps to lose weight, a blend now like that will be even more effective.

I didn’t know that. One of the other things that we do have in there that you don’t hear a lot about but also helps with inflammation is called Moringa oleifera. That combined with all the different things in there with the resveratrol and the green tea that fights the inflammation. That’s one of the things that helps the cardio system out like we were talking about. It’s great for cardio health and in a lot of people. They have high inflammation. High inflammation chokes off your circulatory system and you can’t have blood flow like you used to. Sometimes by using that to help with this, that’s one of the things it’ll do. It’ll reduce that inflammation and help the blood flow.

I was remembering also, we get reports that some people sleep better when they take resveratrol. We made a combo pack where people could get our good night formula with resveratrol together and they could use both. It tends to make the good night formula work even better.

A lot of the reason why I think it works so well is that when you’re sleeping, you’re repairing your body the most. That’s when you’re doing the majority of your repair. When you’re repairing, you need help with the removal of the inflammation and all of that. When you combine the resveratrol with it, it helps your body to get the repair process efficiently done while you’re sleeping. The goodnight formula helps you stay asleep, which is made from a lot of herbs as well. A lot of good thought was put into the good night formula that we made. A lot of good stuff but we’ll go over that on another show because we’re doing a series about it.

LFY 45 | Resverantrol Antioxidant

Resveratrol Antioxidant: Taking resveratrol can actually help you lose weight. So if you add green tea extract, which also helps you lose weight, it will be even more effective.


Rollie, this is the second one in our series. It’s about herbalism. A big part of herbalism in the modern day is being able to extract these very specific bioactive compounds, combining them together with other bioactive compounds or whole plant parts if you want and mixing together to get these great blends. This is what modern-day herbalism is like in the past. Before these technologies, people would say, “You’re sick with this. Let me take some of this leaf some of this flour some of this some of that and we’ll mash it up together. We’ll make a tea and you can drink the tea.” People still do that.

That works as well too.

In the modern-day, we can take pills that have a similar effect.

I think the main thing that we’re saying here is that you can control what you’re taking, the dosage. You can have a dosage of something that you would normally have to boil in a pot and guess how much you are getting. It makes it a lot more accurate. When you’re able to be accurate and you can study the effects that these things have. You can see at what point, “At this amount, we’re going to have this effect.” As opposed to not knowing what that scale would be. There are a lot of things that new technology brings them. One of the things too and this is probably the last thing we can go over on resveratrol but the way that you deliver these things into your body is also rapidly becoming new. There’s more technology that makes it more efficient. When you also put these things with different compounds that help them to absorb better, you get more of a health and benefit effect.

In the case of resveratrol, that’s important. Rollie, this was great. It was good talking with you about this. I wanted to thank everyone for reading. We’ll see you at the next show.