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Sometimes it takes more than a new year’s resolution to become the new you. In this episode, Bob Gilpatrick and Rollie Culp offer some tools you can use to answer the question, “How do I stick to my New Year’s Resolution?” They share some deep questions to guide you to have the right mindset every morning and the ABC as you begin your new year’s journey. They even teach and show some great techniques like Head Circles, Revision Scissors, and Tiny Habits to help you find your own highest thought for yourself and increase your odds of sticking to your goal this year.

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Becoming The New You With Rollie Culp

New Year, New You

Sometimes becoming the new you take more than a New Year’s resolution. In this episode, Bob and Rollie give you the tools you need to answer the question, “How do I stick to my new year’s resolution?” They share and teach some great techniques to help you find your own highest thought for yourself and increase your odds of sticking to your goal in the new year. Sit back, relax and get ready to live forever young.

I’m here with Rollie Culp. He’s at the table with me here. This is the beginning of January 2021 and our show is called New Year New You. What a year it was Rollie in 2020.

It has been a roller coaster.

You’ve been here with me at Boomers Forever Young Nutrition Company that whole year. Going all the way back to when we started it. We first started with the pandemic.

It would have been both in March 2020.

It was February 2020 and the beginning of March 2020.

That year seemed like it went like that. It was weird. It’s been weird.

This is a good time to talk about a new year and a new you. Because there was so much stress during 2020 more than usual, this is a good time to begin anew and start to think about doing a cleanse, a purge of the old year without letting go of any good things that happened during the year.

Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Because there were a lot of good things that occurred during 2020 even with all the bad that happened.

You lose sight of that with a lot of that but what you want to do is refocus on that and I hope that’s what we’re going to work on.

Also, a major event happened where we entered into the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. Remember when the planets came together and you could see them together Jupiter and Saturn.

I remember that.

That was the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

Is that every couple hundred years when you see that?

The last time it happened was more than 834 years ago. This is what a lot of people believe is entering into a new vibrational stage. It’s an opportunity for humans to be able to evolve and become more enlightened, aware and ascend their consciousness. We have that energy going on. While at the same time we still have a lot of negative energy that relates to the pandemic, the elections and things like that. We’re going to talk about how to stay focused on the positive, what new types of techniques can we learn together that will help us do that and to help us stay focused on the goals that we have for 2021.

I always like to say that as people can formulate a desire in their mind, if they can feel it and they can see it then they can begin to live it out. It gets shared with other people because you living out your stated desires is you sharing your vibrational energy that you’ve created anew for all of those around you. This becomes a note that you’re playing in the universe. Everybody else is playing a note as well and we’re fine-tuning our note and you’re a musician so you know. You want to be playing the finest note that you can possibly play.

You want to be in tune.

You want the vibration that’s coming particularly from your heart muscle. We know that the heart muscles are putting off strong pulsed electromagnetic forces.

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We were talking in our show about the PEMF for circulation. We were talking about how your energy field from your heart goes out. You said that it was 10 feet.

Normally, it’s about 5 feet but as you focus on it, you can amplify it even farther. We’re going to be talking about tips, tricks and techniques for participating in the new year as a highly evolved human with new vibrational energy.

An evolved vibration. I like it. I’m excited.

One of the things we can talk about first is cleansing. People usually at the beginning of the year like to cleanse and it’s not a cleanse of toxins that have accumulated in your physical body but cleansing yourself of old thoughts, habits and patterns that you don’t want. Also, cleanse yourself of any effect that may have happened from collective nocebos, the nocebo of energy from the pandemic, the nocebo of the negative energy from the election and things like that. Your mind is fresh and new and ready to act the way you want to act independently of all this crisis energy.

That’s probably the biggest challenge for me and almost everybody especially with the internet. Everything’s in your face. There’s always something giving you an update on your phone and it’s hard to get away from. The ability to let some of that negative energy go and replace it with new is something that everybody could use.

We talk at the Boomers Forever Young Nutrition Company, which is our nutrition business about how to cleanse using things like Superoxide Dismutase and Zeolite. SOD or Superoxide Dismutase is a highly cleansing molecule that human bodies make on their own. Especially when they’re young, you make a lot of it and it’s a Pac-Man molecule. It gobbles up and neutralizes things and moves them out of your body. It’s also the holy grail of anti-aging because it’s slowing down your rate of oxidative stress and your rate of burn. Using SOD to cleanse is powerful. You are able to cleanse the stuff you’ve collected that was from tire dust, fumes from automobiles and pesticides that are on your shoes and that type of thing.

I have to say that Pac-Man is one of my favorite video games of all time. It makes it fun to think that there’s something in you that’s going around gobbling all that stuff up, dealing with all those ghosts, inflammation and sending them back. They eventually get out of jail and you go collect them again but that’s a good metaphor for how that could work in your body. Because your body’s tubes and everything like the game is. It’s cool.

I remember when that first came out. It was a long time ago.

I wasn’t born when it came out but my aunt had the Pac-Man arcade in her basement when I was a kid. I’d always go over to her house to play Pac-Man. I was good.

If you were SOD, you’d be good at collecting toxins inside the human body and moving them out.

That would be perfect.

SOD, you do make it from your genetic code but as you age, you make less of it so it’s much harder to detoxify as you get older. You also age faster as you get older as a result. What we encourage people to do is to consume SOD by mouth. SOD is not easy to consume by mouth. It has a half-life of only ten minutes. If SOD is put into a pill form or into a powder form, usually by the time you get it, there’s none left.

The things you see that say contain SOD, unless it’s some stabilized version of it, prior to the time you take it, you’re not getting too much benefit.

You won’t feel it but the SOD in our sprouted barley seeds has been stabilized and it’s extremely strong. You have to take it in little bits at the beginning so you don’t detox too fast. You’re going to ease into it over the course of about a month. Your body will begin to detoxify and you want to do that first if you’re going to embark on detoxification and do it for 3 or 4 months before you would endeavor to detoxify your heavy metals.

That’s a different story.

People are picking up heavy metals as well and you want to get rid of them. You can do that with Zeolite but you don’t want to start with Zeolite and barley at the same time. It’ll be too much detoxification. After about 3 or 4 months of the barley, you could start using Zeolite with one drop at a time. It comes in a dropper bottle with liquid. You put one drop on your tongue, the next day, put two drops then 3, 4 or 5 and you’ll begin to detox your heavy metals as a result.

Because we have Zeolite we research everything that we carry but one of the things I was looking at because it’s unique because of the shape of the molecule itself. It’s a honeycomb. That honeycomb structure is what allows them to grab or pick up the metals. They get moved out of your body through your natural process of elimination.

Yes, that’s exactly what happens.

That’s pretty cool. That’s next-level stuff.

It’s good. Zeolite has been around for a while. The Zeolite we have is high quality and works well. You’ll notice that change in the color of your urine when you start taking it. That’s a good thing.

LFY 9 | New You
The High Performance Planner

Don’t be afraid of that change in the color of the urine. That’s natural.

That’s the detoxification of your physical body. The next thing that we want to talk about is the detoxification of your thoughts.

That’s as important as the body.

One of the things that we have developed is a specific type of tapping called the Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT. This is a good way to begin to cleanse out the stuff that’s cluttering your mind that you no longer want. For example, say you have this readiness to believe that because of 2020, you have a bunch of fear and a bunch of negative energy around the issue of the pandemic.

A lot of people do.

If you want a fresh start for the new year and you want to be able to leave that stuff behind, you need a technique to reframe your mind. It needs to be something that can happen quickly, not something that takes 15, 21 or 28 days to create a new thought habit.

We need a shortcut. You can take a shortcut and get the same results as long as you focus on that.

It needs to be something that is executed with some degree of precision and it also needs to be a solemn commitment. As you recite a particular phrase that I’ll give it a second here, you want to make this a pronouncement, a solemn pronouncement, not a casual, “Maybe this would be nice.” You want to be powerful and aggressive in your pronouncement that this is the new you. The more you do that, the more effective it will be.

No wishy-washy.

Exactly. With tapping, you are going to be tapping on the sides of your nails. You’re going to tap on the tip of your thumb on the side then move to your index finger, your middle finger, your ring finger and your little finger. In the end, you can tap on your karate chop point like this. What this is doing is activating your meridians, your life force energy and your acupuncture meridians, which have an effect on powering your thoughts and beliefs. What we’re going to do is do tapping that discharges that energy that’s powering a particular belief. We’re going to plug that energy into a brand new belief all in one short session.

In regard to having this residual negative energy and fear from 2020, we’re going to say a specific phrase around that. Rollie, what we’ll do is I’ll make up the phrase. I’m going to make it up and you tell me how it resonates with you. If you think you need to rephrase it for yourself a little differently, we’ll do that. First since you have not done this yet, I have because I’ve been teaching it, I’m going to ask you, on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being not much and 10 being a great deal. How much is the residual negative energy of 2020 bothering you?

It’s up there. I’d say it’s eight.

What we’re going to do is we’re going to tap in and you’re going to repeat after me. When we’re done, we’re going to cross our hands across our heart, take a deep breath in and relax. We’ll explain why we’re doing that. Start tapping and repeat after me. Even though up until now I thought.

Even though up until now I thought.

I had to continue.

I had to continue

To have this residual negative energy and fear.

To have this residual negative energy and fear.

Because of 2020.

Because of 2020.

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I completely love and accept myself anyway.

I completely love and accept myself anyway.

I’m so grateful now that I realize.

I’m so grateful now that I realize.

 I’ve left the negative energy behind.

I’ve left the negative energy behind.

I’ve retained all the good that happened in 2020.

I’ve retained all the good things that happened in 2020.

I’m looking forward with joyful anticipation.

I’m looking forward with joyful anticipation.

All the good to come in 2021.

All the good to come in 2021.

I’m feeling a complete peace.

I’m feeling at complete peace.

Cross your hands across your heart and breathe in. Let it out. Drop your hands down to your knees. Drop your chin down and sit quietly. How did that feel?

It’s funny. There’s like a creeping light from the side going across here. It was relaxing. Maybe we’ll have to redo it once or twice but for about two seconds I wasn’t worried about that anymore.

If you were to go inside and ask yourself what the number is now, how much is the residual bothering you? What would the number be now?

I’d say we brought it down at least two notches to a six.

Good so let me ask you this. In regard to this, is there any particular thing for you that was the roughest about 2020?

If I think back the roughest thing about 2020 was the unknown of everything. Not knowing what was going to happen from one day to the next with maybe things shut down, maybe they reopen, maybe you get a different version like we’ve seen a different version of the strain. All of that and the unknown is what would ping me the most.

New You: If you’re thinking about what makes you feel good and holding the articles that do and abandoning the ones that don’t, you’re going to put off a different electromagnetic force.

Let’s tap on the unknown. Repeat after me. Even though up until now, I thought.

Even though up until now I thought.

 I had to continue to have negative energy because of the unknown.

I had to continue to have negative energy because of the unknown.

I completely love and accept myself.

I completely love and accept myself.

I’m so grateful now that I realize.

I’m so grateful now that I realize

The unknown can be my friend.

The unknown can be my friend.

Because what might happen could be great.

Because what could happen might be great.

I’m feeling a complete peace about the whole thing.

I’m feeling a complete peace about the whole thing.

Aren’t I?

Aren’t I? I feel a little better.

If you had to pick a number now, what would it be?

I’d say a one for real. Because the thing about the unknown could possibly be good is helpful.

This is what they refer to as aspects. You pick the general topic, you tap and the aspect pops up and says, “This, in addition, is what it’s about.” You can tap on the aspect. If after that, you go, “It’s also this,” there’s probably an, “Also this, maybe,” because it’s a one but there’s a little trick we can use with that so let’s do this once more.

Even though up until now, I thought.

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Even though up until now, I thought.

It was still a one.

It was still a one.

I completely love and accept myself.

I completely love and accept myself.

I’m so grateful now that I realize.

I’m so grateful now that I realize.

It’s all the way down to a zero.

It’s all the way down to zero.

Now I’m feeling peaceful.

Now I’m feeling much more peaceful.

How’s that feel?

That feels better. It does.


It’s helpful.

This is a technique that you can use for this specifically and anything else that you can think of as well. We’ll talk about it more when we get into doing our planning for the day or week.

I want to go over that. That’ll be good to help people keep on track because I know sometimes that’s the challenge. It’s keeping all the thoughts in your head so you can execute them because you get overwhelmed with everything that’s being thrown at you. Like I was saying with the internet and all these things.

We have some tapping videos that are up on our YouTube channel.

You should check them out.

What’s the best way for people to do that?

New You: When you focus on gratitude in your thoughts, your heart beats differently, and it sends a different signal to your brain.

The easiest way that you’re going to be able to find that is to go to LiveForeverYoungRadio.com. We have a page there with all of our pertinent videos. Not only with that but we’ll also be doing a new series. As we add our podcasts and everything to that, you’ll be able to find them there too. We’ll have video versions of the podcast, audio versions and we’ll have additional supplemental videos on the page that they’ll be able to get to.

Will it be possible for you to clip out this section that we did tapping for 2020 and we’ll make that into a separate video so people don’t have to watch.

I can do that. A pointed video that’ll help you get results quickly would be helpful.

Here’s another thing about detoxifier, one of them is to clear clutter. Here’s a technique that people can use for clearing clutter that is extremely effective. One of the things that you can do is go to your bedroom, take everything that is in your closet, not just hanging up but everything in the closet and take it out of the closet and if it fits, pile it on your bed. Go to your dresser or dressers and take everything out of your dressers and pile those on your bed. If that doesn’t fit on the bed, pile them on the floor. Go through every single thing.

Most people, in their closets, they’ve got clothes and knickknacks that they’re not using. It becomes a storage area. What you’re going to do is you’re going to look at everything that you’ve put there and you’re going to go through it one by one and you’re going to ask yourself a question about whatever it is you’re holding, “Is this article of clothing or knickknacks supporting me? Do I feel good when I hold it?” If the answer is yes, put it off to the side. If the answer is no, put it off to the other side and have a box where you’re going to put the stuff off to the other side that you’re going to bring to your favorite charity.

We’re asking if these items support us.

If they support you and they make you feel great. It could be that you love the color and you love having a special purple shirt hanging in your closet that you love the color even though you’re never going to wear it. You can keep it. Usually, about half the stuff in someone’s closet can go to the goodwill. If you haven’t worn it in a couple of years and there’s no event plan that you would wear it to, you probably can bring that to a Goodwill.

Let’s do this. I’ll do it and you do it. I’m going to take a picture of what it looks like with all this stuff pulled out of my closet and you’ll do with yours and we’ll post it on LiveForeverYoungRadio.com.

I don’t know about that. It’ll be a disaster. I’ve done this a few times and it works. I’m going to do it again. It’ll be the second time in a year that I’ve done it. I’m going to do it with a fresh look again and I’m going to focus on, “Does this make me feel good?”

That’s a good idea. I genuinely need to do this. I will do this.

That’s a clutter clearing exercise. The other thing that people can do and I already started doing this, is redecorating. Look around your house and you say, “I’ve got this section of my kitchen and this section of my living room.” It’s got these pictures and this plant. Is that what I still want? Is there a way to upregulate the beauty of my environment? A taller plant. A different picture of the ocean instead of the random picture that I’ve had hanging there since I was in junior high school.

I did this unknowingly, I hung about five shelves in my house. What that allowed me to do was take all this stuff that was down close to the ground on all these shelves like food processors. Even though you keep your house clean, it gets dusty. You get it up off the ground. That gave me a new perspective on the kitchen area specifically. It’s like, “It looks like a real kitchen now.”

I got one other suggestion. When your closet is empty and your dressers are empty, you might want to have some incense or some sage. First, you want to completely clean the closet from top to bottom. Vacuum dust. If you have to paint, do some paint. If you need to hang a new shelf, hang a new shelf. Now it’s cleansed. You can do a little ceremony with the sage. Walk into the closet or hold the incense into the closet. Let some beautiful smoke go in and make a pronouncement to the universe that with this sage or incense, you’re cleansing all negative energy out of the closet so things are fresh for the new year.

That’s a cool idea. I have plenty of incense. I can do that.

Do a cleanse of the closet. Quite honestly, by doing this in your bedroom, you’re going to sleep better at night because there’s going to be new energy there. Your heart is putting off electromagnetic energy. If you’re thinking about what makes you feel good and holding the articles that do and abandoning the ones that don’t, you’re going to put off a different electromagnetic force especially if you say gratitude for each article that you’re keeping.

We always talk about gratitude. Linger in the gratitude.

This is an opportunity to spend a large amount of time, a couple of hours in gratitude of each article of clothing, each clock that’s up on the shelf that you’re going to keep. Remember, you’re only keeping it if it makes you feel good and now you want to express gratitude for it. Hold this beautiful shirt that your grandma gave you, that’s one of your favorite shirts and you pronounce your gratitude for it. “I’m grateful that I have this shirt and it makes me feel good.” What does that do? When you think that and you purposefully do it, your frontal cortex, when it’s in gratitude, sends a signal to your heart muscle.

You have 40,000 or so neurites that are in your heart muscle. Neurites are like neurons in your brain. Your heart has neurons also. Your heart is also a little brain and it sends signals. Your heart will physically beat differently when you’re in gratitude. Especially the opposite, which is if you’re in stress, there’s a pronounced difference in how your heart is beating. When you’re in gratitude, your heartbeats with more variability. That variability is a signal that gets sent to your brain that says, “Everything is okay.”

You have to realize that about 95% of the time, the average American believes that everything is not okay. Only 5% of the time are they of the belief that everything’s okay. Most of it is subconscious but it’s real. The way you fix this is by focusing on gratitude. When you focus on gratitude in your thoughts, your heart beats differently and it sends a different signal to your brain. It’s sending a signal directly to the part of your brain called the amygdala. The amygdala as the center of your brain does many things but one of them is regulating a portion of your brain that helps decide when things are okay and not okay and it signals your frontal cortex where your thoughts are. It sends a neuronal signal if everything’s okay or not. If things aren’t okay, you have to be on alert and you have to be defensive and aggressive and you have to act. Fight or flight.

We’re in unconscious fight or flight most of the time. Your amygdala sends the signal to the frontal cortex that everything is okay. Why? Because your heart muscle told it that it was. Your frontal cortex goes, “I’m getting this subtle signal that everything is okay.” That signal goes back to your heart and you create a cycle, a metabolic pathway that’s training you and training your body, mind and your spirit that everything is okay.

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Using your decluttering of your room, in your closet, to trigger this and train your brain is effective because you have dozens upon dozens of things in your room that you’re grateful for if you focus on it. They say, “The longer you linger in gratitude, the better you are at accomplishing your goals.” You’re raising your vibration. You’re changing the pulsed electromagnetic field coming from your heart. You are better able and capable to manifest your desires when you’re in that state. It’s almost impossible to manifest a desire you have if you’re in fear.

That’s funny that you said that because one of the things that come with a new year is that New Year’s resolution. One of the things we always get from people that we help is how can they stick to that? Usually, if you’re lucky, after about a month you forget about it. We could use the same idea.

You can. Also, what I’ve started doing is using a planning document that you use every day to help you stay on track. It’s from Brendon Burchard. He’s a famous author. It’s called The High Performance Planner. I’ll tell you how it works. On the left-hand side, you start the day and you write a message to yourself. In addition, you go through ten questions that are morning mindset. Brendon is well-known for having interviewed many hundreds of people that are successful business people, spiritual teachers, self-help gurus. He’s a great researcher. He’s documented protocols. If we do this and this, we’re likely to get this. This planner is based on all of his research. The morning mindset is based on his research about what questions to ask yourself to get into the right mindset to start the day.

These are research-driven questions. These aren’t fluffy things.

The first one says, “What’s one thing I can get excited about now?” It can be a thing. It can be a person. It can be an opportunity. The second question says, “If one word could describe the person I want to be now, that word is and why would I choose it?” It could be patient. It could be dynamic or something like that.


Compassionate. The third one is, “Someone who needs me to be on my A-game now.” I would say lots and lots of people, many of whom I don’t even know because we’re making a show that might be helpful for people. Everyone that watches my show that I’m doing with you, Rollie, I need to be on my A-game for that.

Me, too.

If you were doing this, you’d probably have done the same thing.

That’s a good thought to have because you might not even think about how many people you’re reaching and maybe positively helping unless you could manifest that thought. That’s cool.

This helps you to say, “Any day, Rollie, that you and I are going to do a show together, we are thinking about our audience and thinking about how we want to be on our A-game.”

That’s important.

Here we are. If you go to the next column on the left page, it says, “Today’s top three goals and priorities.” You can list those. Right next to it says, “Tasks that absolutely must be done now.” I wrote people that I have to call that are expecting me to call them. If I don’t call them, it’ll look disrespectful and they won’t be able to move forward with something that they’re counting on me for. There’s your actual calendar. At the time that you’re going to do it, you want to write down when you’re going to do these things. That’s the planning part and the main thing being is getting in the right mindset.

This is getting it set, mind in the right place, not being cloudy, getting your day without clouds.

Choosing how you want to be and how you want to show up.

Choosing, that’s important because you control how you show up.

The questions help you. There’s one question that I always like to answer that is not specifically a question of these ten, although it leads to it. The question I like to answer is what is my own highest thought for myself? At the end of the day, if was to look back and go, “I acted as the greatest self I could be now,” what is that highest thought? What would you be like?

How could you be the closest to godlike?

Exactly. They say there’s no more sacred expression of isness or beingness than your own highest thought for yourself. Pick your highest thought. What would it be? It can change from day-to-day. Usually, you’ll find that it tends to develop into the same thing. This is a time when you might want to use a special technique that we call the ultimate mind-calming exercise to get this highest thought.

Do you want to show them?

LFY 9 | New You
New You: To get your highest thought for yourself, you want to quiet your mind first so you can hear your spirit speaking to you.

I’ll show you. To get your highest thought for yourself, you want to quiet your mind first so you can hear your spirit speaking to you. The ultimate mind-calming exercise is also called head circles and it’s a way to let go of your head, enter into your heart so you can ask questions including the one we’re going to ask, what is my own highest thought for myself? Let’s do this together. If you’re okay with it, we’ll share what the thought was that came to us.

Yes. I like that idea.

The head circle is a circle with a breath where you’re taking in a sharp breath through your nose and you’re going to rotate your head to the top on that breath. As you’re breathing out, you’re going to breathe out through your mouth to the bottom and then you shake your head from side to side gently while you breathe out. You’re going to cross your hands across your heart. Push in gently and breath in sharply. Raise your head and let your breath out while your hands come down to your knees. This is to create a state of no-mind so that you now have access to a quiet place. This is a no-mind state. What we’ll do is we’re going to do it and we’re going to sit quietly for 3 or 4 seconds and we’re going to ask ourselves a question silently, “What is my own highest thought for me now?” We’re going to wait until it comes to us. Wait until you get an answer. Let’s do it. How did that feel?

That’s definitely cleared my mind.

Did you have anything come to you as the highest thought or was it a picture, a feeling or something?

Not necessarily a word but something that everybody could use some more of, which is some understanding. Someone who is more understanding.

You want to be someone who’s more understanding. Is that what you’re saying?

Yeah. I don’t know if that was the exact thing that came to my head but while I was in my head down situation, I thought about the concept of being more understanding, everyone being more understanding. There are things I could be more understanding about and more compassionate about.

What came to me was a word that said color. Another one was to noticing and being appreciative of people, of each individual person I see. What happened when I opened my eyes, your blue shirt became vibrant. I noticed the red color on your hat. It drew me to be inspired to say to you, “You look great in that blue color.”

Thank you.

You do. Now, I can’t see anything but that blue and you wearing that blue color. What that would inspire me in the day as we leave the show room, whoever I see, I’m going to notice the clothes they’re wearing. I saw Jean and Sherry earlier, I couldn’t tell you one thing about what they’re wearing. They probably got up in the morning and put some thought into it.

They did. That’s funny, that is the understanding thing that was coming to my mind. It was being more patient and listening instead of thinking I already know the answer. That’s something that I do sometimes.

Observing without judgment.

The first step in a nonviolent communication.

We’ll do a whole show on nonviolent communication. Getting back to Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Planner. There’s also an awesome section on the right-hand side called the Evening Journal. The Evening Journal asked questions like, “What is a moment that I appreciated now? A situation or task I handled well now? Something I realized or learned now? Something I could have made better now?” You go through those six questions. At the bottom, there are six more things to grade yourself on, which has an explanation at the beginning of the book that you can study. Those six things are clarity. It says, “I knew my why and lived intentionally now.” Energy, “I managed my mental and physical energy well.” Necessity, “I felt it was necessary to be my best and made success a must.” Productivity, “I worked on things that mattered most now.” Influence, “I guided or treated others well now.” Courage, “I shared my real self, thoughts and feelings now.”

That’s some deep stuff.

You get to grade yourself 1 to 5.

Every day they have that in there?

Every day. This is a daily planner. There’s also a weekly planner at the beginning of each week.

You grade yourself every day?

Choosing how you want to be and how you want to show up. Share on X

Yeah. You can also do a weekly summary and review. It’s all outlined in here. What this does is it makes it more likely that in regard to the questions people have about, how do I stick to my new year’s resolutions? Brendon’s planner helps you to do that. It helps you to feel good because you’re starting your day creating your mindset. We’ve added in the part about our own highest thought for ourselves.

Which is important.

In the evening, you get to look back and see how you did. This brings us to the next point, which is not in Brendon’s book. There’s another technique that helps to enhance Brendon’s look back called Revision Scissors. It’s based on the concept that things can happen during your day that you wish you had reacted differently or you wish you had acted differently and you wish had been a different way. When you’re developing habits and trying to stick to your New Year’s resolutions, people tend to do over again what they’ve done consistently. If you can act in a particular way, hour after hour, day after day, you’re much more likely to act that way again in the future. It becomes the new you.

The good news is even when you don’t act that way, your subconscious mind won’t know if you go back in time and revise it. It will think you actually acted the way you wanted to and it can help create habits faster. The technique is called revision scissors. The scissors are imaginary. You’re revising something that happened during the day that you wish had been different. Let’s say one of your things was patience. We’re looking back at nighttime, you go, “I’m thinking back around 10:30 this morning somebody came into my office. I was in the middle of something else and I wasn’t patient. I didn’t look at them. I didn’t notice the beautiful colors they were wearing and I didn’t validate them.” “In the future, what I’m going to do is I’m going to do that differently. I’m going to stop what I’m doing and make that person more important.”

The way you do this is you want to have a picture in your mind of exactly what you would have done if it was perfect. You see yourself, “I stopped. I turned the computer screen away so I wouldn’t look at it. I look directly at the person and I noticed the colors they were wearing. I heard every word they were saying. I was listening without judgment. I was listening for how they might be feeling, what they might need and if they had a request that I could comply with.” This is the nonviolent communication. You see yourself doing this and now you go back on your timeline to that moment. You take the scissors and you snip out the period of time where you were not patient and you let it turn to Stardust and evaporate. You then go back, grab the picture of the perfect you, bring it forward, insert it into the timeline and let it sit there. Now you want to come back and you want to tap. Even though up until now.

Even though up until now.

I thought I had to use the revision scissors on this stuff.

I thought I had to use the revision scissors on this stuff.

I completely love and accept myself.

I completely love and accept myself.

And I’m so grateful now that I fixed it.

And I’m so grateful now that I fixed it.

With these incredible scissors.

With these incredible scissors.

I now know that the new me is much more patient.

I now know that the new me is much more patient.

I’m building a habit of being patient.

I’m building a habit of being patient.

LFY 9 | New You
Tiny Habits: The Small Changes That Change Everything

I’m feeling complete peace.

I’m feeling at complete peace.

Cross your hand against your heart. Neville Goddard, as we know, was a famous spiritual teacher. He was great at teaching the scriptures. He was revered and loved by many people up until 1972 when he passed away.

Do you remember we were talking about him on a prior episode? I’ve read a little bit about him.

Neville Goddard was the one who created this technique of revision scissors, right. It’s part of modern-day timeline therapy. Timeline therapy is used by therapists that are practicing NLP and hypnosis. The therapist will help a particular client go back on their timeline, float above their timeline, replace things and like that. When this was first created, it was a great discovery of how effective it was. Neville Goddard was doing timeline therapy with revision scissors prior to the teachings of modern timeline therapy that came about 1978, 1980s when it started to become popular. This is self-done-for-you timeline therapy using revision scissors.

You can use the tapping to reinforce that vision of your highest thought for yourself.

Exactly. Revision scissors with tapping is a potentiation of the effectiveness. We’ve combined two therapeutic techniques together that make it work more powerfully.

It’s almost like therapy hacking. We’re taking this and we’re combining it with this to get an even better result. That’s cool because there aren’t many things that you can go and reference for this type of information. To be able to remember Neville Goddard, that’s years ago. A lot of people probably haven’t heard about him. For us to be able to take these teachings and meld them together is a big service. It’s something that if you can look into where the history has come from and take a little bit of time to research Neville Goddard and Nick Ortner with the tapping. These type of people have left these things for us to discover. We can’t forget about them. I like that we’re discovering them and making them work together. It’s important.

Gary Craig, also, in regard to tapping, is a great person to research. Getting back to the question that we had earlier, how can I make sure I stick to my New Year’s resolutions?

That’s always the hardest.

This brings us to an additional technique to the book that we did with Brendon Burchard and using the tapping and timeline therapy for ourselves with revision scissors. We’ve talked about this before and we refer to it as Tiny Habits. It is the name of a book by BJ Fogg. He’s a well-known behavioral psychologist. There’s also another book that we have a copy of by James Clear called Atomic Habits. It’s a good book. Brendon Burchard has his own book about habit management.

The guy with the planner?

Yes. Those three books, any one of them, is going to be extremely helpful. You can read all of them if you want to and you’ll learn little tricks from each one.

I haven’t read the Atomic Habits. I’ve seen the Tiny Habits.

With Tiny Habits, it’s simple. BJ Fogg teaches the concept of ABC. The A is an anchoring event, which simply means something that happens that you do all the time. The B is a new behavior you want and the C is the celebration. If somebody is intending to do something related to their New Year’s resolution like exercise, there needs to be something that triggers you to want and go do your exercise. Let’s say your intention is to exercise when you get home from work. Instead of going to your closet and getting your workout shoes and clothes on, you decide you’re going to have a drink and sit down and watch TV for a little while. We know what that’s going to lead to. You’re going to watch the same news story nine times over again, by the time it gets to be 8:30 at night, it’s like, “I don’t feel like exercising.” The anchoring actionable event is when you walk in the door at 5:30 and it’s time to go exercise. The behavior that you want to do, go put on your exercise clothes.

Once you get those on, it’s more likely that you actually can go.

Say you find yourself sitting on your couch watching the news and you’re going, “I know I’m supposed to be exercising but I just can’t get up off the couch.” This is where you can use tapping. The C of the ABC, a Celebration for taking action. Tapping is simple. “Even though up until now, I thought I had to sit here on the couch like a lump on a log watching TV. I completely love and accept myself anyway. I’m so grateful now that I realize I’m getting up off the couch. I’m putting on my workout clothes and leaving the house to go to the gym.” Cross your hands against your heart, if you need to. Chances are, before you even get to the end of the tapping. You’ll be rising up off the couch.

I was actually feeling like I should probably get up and do that.

Go put your workout clothes on and celebrate. ABC is for Celebrate, why? We tend to do more of what we celebrate. You see people celebrating in the end zone when they make a touchdown in a football game. They’re happy but also, it’s creating an energy that says, “We’re going to do this more because we like celebrating. We like feeling good. Look how good we feel, we just made a touchdown. Yay, us.” That means you’re actually physically more likely to score another touchdown because you want that feeling of the celebration. You create your own celebration. Once your shoes are on, you’ve locked the door and you’re walking down the hall to go to your car. Celebrate.

Yes, I’m out of the house.

We tend to do more of what we celebrate. Share on X

I did it. Don’t drive to the bar, drive to the gym.

Don’t go to the bar with your workout clothes.

If you see your car pulling over towards the bar, stop and do some tapping. This is an extremely powerful technique. ABC, Anchoring event. The Behavior you choose to design. A new behavior, which is actually going to exercise. C is Celebration. If you find yourself procrastinating, you do tapping.

Tap it off.

Tap it away and install a new thought into your mind. “I’m getting off the couch and I’m going.” That’s the best technique I’m aware of for helping people stick with their New Year’s resolution.

We’ll have to put them into practice so that way we can make sure to have a great 2021.

Do that in combination with a planner like Brendon Burchard’s planner. Read some books on Tiny Habits.

Atomic Habits, Tiny Habits. Go on to LiveForeverYoungRadio.com. We’ll have plenty of stuff there, plenty of information for you to help keep you on track. If you have questions, if you want us to go over a specific topic, we’ll also have a form for you that you can fill out. We will love to hear from you, it seems one-sided this way. If you want to go ahead and give us any information that you want us to talk about, we’d be happy to do some research and do a show for you. Don’t hesitate. Go to LiveForeverYoungRadio.com.

It’ll be great. If people want to speak to us, we’re on Central Avenue in St. Petersburg, Florida. You can call us at (727) 443-2500. We have people here answering the phones during the day. Call if you have a question about tapping. Call if you have a question on Tiny Habits. Call if you have a question about the detox protocol with the sprouted barley seeds and the Z Lite or any other question you might have with us. Is that what we wanted to cover?

That’s good. We got plenty of stuff out, at the same time, it leaves us more of an opportunity to dive into more stuff in our next shows.

Thanks for reading Live Forever Young Radio. See you on the next time.